Sunday, 14 May 2017

Pregnancy | Expectations vs Reality

Hello beautiful people!! Ladies and Gents, before you got pregnant I'm sure you heard many things about what to expect. Here are some of mine and the reality that I experienced.

1. Expectation

You will get morning sickness.

1. Reality

Morning sickness... Morning?? uhm nope. I will have you believe that this is very misleading because the sickness isn't confined to the morning it happens all day, morning, afternoon, night time and sometimes, even when you're in bed going to sleep. Morning sickness my ...

2. Expectation

"Morning sickness disappears after the first  12 weeks"

2. Reality

Uhm... I'm sorry did you say 12 weeks? then why is it that I'm 28 weeks pregnant and still running for the toilet every now and again especially when I smell my partner...

3. Expectation

You will get that pregnancy glow

3. Reality

More like ' You will look like poop!' I had no glow in the slightest. I gained so much weight, way before I even got my bump so I just looked liked I ate that little bit too much during the Christmas holidays. I will say though, that my nails got stronger and I got less spots. Still, glow is too strong  a word fin my opinion.

4. Expectation

Feeling your baby kick will be amazing.

4. Reality

It's true it felt so amazing and helped us all bond even more. It also gave me pain and cramps but that's okay right? I mean after all the kicks do feel amazing...
No but seriously they were, just wish Eli hadn't decided to kick me so hard when he finally decided to let me know he was okay.


You'll get to buy extremely stylish and cute pregnancy clothes

5. Reality

You end up just getting over-sized shirts and even buying from the men's section. Comfort, that's all you want.

6. Expectation

Your boobs get bigger

6. Reality

I mean they didn't just get bigger... they went up 4 sizes!!!! I know I used to say I wanted bigger boobs but 4 sizes? hmm okay then...

7. Expectation

Everyone will be in awe with the fact that you're pregnant and give you lots of attention

7. Reality

You get on a packed bus, visibly heavily pregnant, and no one offers you a seat so you end up having to stand up for a whole 40 min journey.... thanks guys...

8. Expectation

Your libido will increase and so you'll have a uhm... "Happy" 9 months, if you know what I mean...

8. Reality

Your partner/ husband/wife doesn't want to go there as they're scared of hurting the baby or, due to some complication you can't or its really uncomfortable because of the I don't know... extremely big bump that's in the way or, you feel the complete opposite... your libido goes down.

You've now reached the ond of this post. I hope you enjoyed it, laughed, related to it and want to read more because if you do I have a little surprise for you... I will be writing another!!! yay!!! There are so many expectations you have for pregnancy that I couldn't write them all in one post.
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So, until next time...


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