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Mothercare Roam Travel system | Review

Background info

When I found out that I was pregnant one of the things I was worried about was, ' how much money are we going to have to spend?', I thought. You see, I knew that babies are expensive and that since I was a first time mum there were a lot of things that I would need to buy for my little one. One of the first things started looking at was a pram.We, due to our financial situation, needed to buy things on budget but at the same time we wanted something that would be safe and sturdy enough so that it would last a while.
Our first stop was Mamas and Papas; we, after attending a 'parents to be'event, went looking around at the prams they had available and we picked out our favourites based on their style, sturdiness, price and whether it came with a carrycot, which was very important to us. We knew we wanted a four wheeled pram and a neutral colour so that we would both feel comfortable pushing the pram.
In between the event and our visit to Mothercare I had also been researching online and had been on online forum for mums and mums to be BabyCentre. Through my research I came across one which surprisingly didn't have a lot of reviews on it, but seemed to fit our needs and budget. That pram was the Mothercare roam four wheel base pram. Knowing our favourite pram before going in saved us a lot of time and hassle as it meant that when we went in we could go straight to it to test it in person. We both decided that we liked it and that it was the one pretty quickly after having had a quick browse through the others. Getting the pram was really easy, we went to the tills, ordered it and then just waited for a text to inform us that the pram had arrived in store. In order to get the pram like the picture we had to buy the the buggy and car seat (which came together) and then the covers separately, but even then it was still cheaper than other competing brands and came in at just over £200 (sale).


When we got the boxes, everything that needed to be there was there so that was a good sign. I had a relatively clear instruction manual on how to set it all up, the only thing that wasn't clear was how to change the main buggy part from a buggy position to the carrycot position. I had to search for it online and even then it required a good few hours before I found the answer (there is a we lever at the top of the buggy which you press and then you pull the carrycot/buggy seat up for the buggy position and push it down for carrycot position). One thing I noticed was that when in the carrycot position the buggy was still slightly tilted, not enough for me to want to return it or for it to affect a newborn baby when sleeping, but enough for me to notice. Apart from that everything else was perfect, just what we had been looking for.

I have been using it from when he was a new born and am currently still using it now that Eli is 9 months old. He, Eli, has seemed to enjoy going into it. It's quite comfortable and has been able to grow with it's been able to grow with him (different positions). The only thing on Eli's part that might make him slightly uncomfortable, is the straps on the pram under the cover, I just tried to position them a far to the sides as possible but would've preferred some type of option to take them off or something similar when in the carrycot position.

The only problem I have with it now, and that some other people might not like, is that it is quite heavy. The only reason it has become a problem is because since getting the pram, we have moved into a 2nd floor flat with no lifts and so getting it up the stairs can be quite the workout haha!!

I am very pleased with my purchase and I believe that it was good value for money. I am now thankful that we didn't decide to break the bank just to get the likes of Bugaboo or Cosatto, because although both those brands have good reviews the Mothercare roam travel system was just right at half the price of a pram from the other brands giving you around the same.

Coming to a conclusion... I highly recommend the Motherare roam travel system and give it  5 Star Rating System 3 and a half stars.

So, until next time...

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