Sunday, 21 May 2017

Eli's 9 month update | Mummy diaries

9 months!! My little baby has reached 9 months!! (Well... 8 days away from 10 months but let's kind of skip over that for the means of this post)
Feels like only yesterday I was given my newborn to hold for the first time. He was so quiet and still, absolutely beautiful. Now he kicks me, punches me; headbutts me, none of it intentionally but it still hurts!!!! Hes still just as beautiful and I love him just as much as I did when I met him for the first time No that's a lie because I love him more, a lot more, my love for him is ever-growing, but you didn't come here for me to tell you how much I love Eli, you came here to see how he's developing and what's been happening in the past few weeks. So, without further ado I shall commence.


We started properly weening Eli from 6 months. Then, he just had purees and extremely smooth soups and veggies (stage 1) but for around 2 months now he's been on to mashed up food, more lumpy. Some days he loves the more lumpy food and others he'll prefer it smoother.  He eats 3 meals a day with 2 snack in between, which is mostly breast milk at the moment just before his naps. He has breakfast at 9:00, lunch at 13:00 and dinner at 17:30, or around those times. As I mentioned, I'm still breastfeeding so if he's ever still a little hungry or thirsty then he has milk. Oh and let's not forget water in a sippy cup at least once a day (although  he doesn't take much).


We're still co-sleeping but hoping to move him to his own bed soon as it'll be safer and more comfortable for us both. It'll be very hard thing to do for Eli and I, I think, as we're both so used to sleeping next to each other. It will be a big change,  a beneficial one for all (which I'm sure Rob will be overjoyed with) so hopefully it'll run smoothly (who am I kidding...).


He can crawl !! I remember watching 8 month updates on YouTube and seeing all these babies crawling and standing up, and although I know that all babies are different and develop at different speeds I couldn't help but feel that maybe Eli wasn't crawling because of me. maybe I wasn't playing the right games or encouraging him enough, but babies will do things when they're ready, and sure enough... Eli is now ready. He speed crawls about the flat, pulls himself up to stand on anything he can, he's now even trying to stand up without having to hold on to anything... he goes non stop!!! It's like he never get tired !!! I'll tell you what though, it's some good exercise running after a wee bubba all day haha!!
He "speaks" a lot too, he can say 'dada', 'dad', 'mamama', ' nana', 'bob' and 'bababa'. I have to say though, I have no idea where he got 'bob' from lol
He has 7 teeth!! Which I guess is a lot from what I've been hearing. He's had them for nearly a month now though with no new teeth coming, guess it's slowing down now, give him some time to recuperate.
He mostly wears 9-12 clothing. Some brands run big and others small so sometimes he can fit into the size down and/or the size up. We've had him on size 4 nappies for a while now, maybe 3 months? We've recently, this week, changed him to the active nappies to help with his crawling, I will post a review on them soon, for now lets just say that I'm thinking of going back to the normal nappies.

Finally, Eli went to his first baby group 2 weeks ago. It was all so much for him, he spent most of his time just watching the other children and stuck to me. He fell asleep before the music and the group was finished, but it seems like he loves it so I hope to return soon.

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So, until next time...

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